Sunday, October 24, 2004

The All Day Hangover

If you've ever read survival stories, you'd know that when a human experiences starvation and extreme deprivation his or her body readjusts poorly to its previous diet. In the worst cases a special diet must be adminstered to get the various digestive functions working properly again. Oftentimes this runs contrary to the desires of the survivor, who has likely been suffering from visions of food and feels an overwhelming urge to binge. I think this is a good analogy for my resumption of alcohol intake. Unfortunately, I don't have trained medical staff on hand to assist me.

Last evening my downstairs neighbor suggested we go hit a coupla bars and catch some bands downtown. It's nice having everything within walking distance. Joe has a much more practiced "bar nose" than mine and we proceeded to hit five non-student places, ranging from a super-nice jazz club to a semi-ghetto bar. We got to meet a very nice gay bouncer who insisted he wasn't gay, a Wing Chun-practicing bartender who gave me some tips on Tai Chi, a random drunk Norweigian, and countless drunks screaming HHHHHWHAT? YEAAAH! OH-KAY! Given their obvious appreciation for timeless humor, I'm surprised we didn't hear a single WAASSAAAAAAP.

When I finally woke up at 4 this afternoon I put together my dart board backing and threw an inaugural game of cricket with my next door neighbor Eric. Such a productive day of action deserves an equally productive night of sleep--I truly earned these next 10 hours.


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