Saturday, December 16, 2006

Remember to Lock Those Doors!

There was a great article a few days back in the Washington Post describing police "bait cars" used to capture car thieves. I've been giggling for days (I have a very manly giggle) over the following part:

Aside from being a high-tech way to nab thieves, bait cars provide a rare look at the initial moments of a common crime. Most of the time, it's not that exciting, officers said, because most interceptions take place within about two minutes and most arrests within four.

But not always. In one Loudoun incident that has become infamous among area police departments, a man stole a bait vehicle and was able to drive it from Leesburg to Southeast Washington because of technical difficulties. Police eventually got the suspect, minutes after the camera caught him smoking crack and masturbating. He had spent part of his ride urinating in a soda can, then drinking his urine to try to quell a case of the hiccups. He also vomited twice.

"We still crack up about that one," said Detective Chris Dengeles, of Arlington's auto theft unit.
Oh My God. That video clip is begging to be used in a Public Service Announcement.


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