Monday, August 27, 2007

Vote early, vote often, vote daily, vote with multiple email addresses

A few of you already received an email about this. My brother Travis and his girlfriend Heather collaborated on a 30-second commercial for an open competition by Heinz. (Yes, the Heinz of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise fame.) Lest you think this is some sorta "promote-my-brother" pitch to forestall the day when his poor broke ass has to move in with me, it's much more than that: I actually like their commercial. It's cute, well-edited, low-budget, and features stop-action tater tots, which are pretty much the coolest thing ever. The judges agreed with me and selected "Rescue Mission" as one of the top 15 submittals. The ultimate winners will be decided by internet voting.

THIS IS WHERE YOU, VALUABLE READER, COME IN TO PLAY. Yes, we need to beat the others in voting. Short of finding each voter and physically beating them, we'll need to do this democracy-style and mobilize the vote! Send this link around to everyone you know! EVERYONE! Also, note you can vote ONCE EACH DAY! So don't just do it once!

I *will* be badgering you about this!

Other news: I live in Montana now and am writing this from the University of Montana library. I'll get internet in the apartment in a coupla weeks so look for a massive update sometime in the middle of September.


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