Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Latest Addition to the Fleet

I bought a truck in Ashland a coupla weeks ago. Princess Kiko christened it with a bottle of Asahi as I loosened the e-brake and wallowed out on to I-5 for the drive home.

It's a 1997 Tacoma 4x4 2.7L 4cyl extended-cab at 108K with a bedliner, shell, and Yakima rack. I'd been looking for a long time and missed several deals ... but the timing was right for this one. Despite being a 10-year old truck it's still newer than the other two vehicles. I think I qualify as a genuine collector at this point.

Sooo ... anyone interested in a '96 Accord wagon with 185K and plenty of body damage? It looks like it's taken a few IEDs on the chin. I already miss it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kick ass!


8:20 PM  
Blogger Mr. Nutty said...

Very cool. 106K is nothing for that truck if you treat it right. Those things are bulletproof. It's way too clean, though. Hopefully the spirit of the original 'Yota lives on in this truck.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Waan said...

It's got crank-roll windows! So yeah, in the spirit of the original 'Yota I immediately disassembled the door, scattered the parts around the cab, spilled soda all over the floor, and piled a bunch of drunks in the back for a lap around town. Next on the list is to store a loft in the back for a few months and buy some unevenly-worn tires so it vibrates heavily at highway speed. And coat the seats in plastic. Literally the only thing missing is a WUVT signal.

11:23 PM  

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