Monday, February 07, 2005

Chuck's Graduation (aka The Red Pill)

Charles is graduating. My mind truly boggles at the thought. This event is much more than an excuse for heavy, old-style drinking (though it definitely is that) ... yes, this is an excuse to go all-out. I want ideas.

Imagine the Emperor Tojo shot (among many others) silkscreened onto t-shirts. Or a slideshow, "Chuck: A Life in Porn". Or a Saddam-style likeness of him fertilized into the Drillfield. Or a pummelling with acid-soaked fists. This is not an opportunity to be missed.


Blogger pasq242 said...

At this point I'm sincerely missing the Petster(tm) drinking helmet. I wish I knew what happened to that thing; I dunno how John could forgive me for losing it.

But yeah, t-shirts would be awesome. Even if they just said something like


and had Chuck's beaming visage.

Maybe we could decorate a car up, Jimmy Buffett float-style. I think that for the actual graduation ceremony, we should at least be shirtless and covered in body paint. Or pudding.

If we do something Adult Swim / Aqua Teen related, I'm sure we could also get ourselves on TV.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Mr. Nutty said...

We should kidnap the cast of Sliders and give them to Chuck as a gift.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Waan said...

Looks like tshirts are the easiest and cheapest idea. I was hoping to get some georeferenced aerial photos of campus, superimpose his face (or some message) over the drillfield, dimension it and figure out angles/distances to drillfield landmarks using software at work some weekend, mark out several hundred feet of rope in one-foot increments, then buy a whole shitload of fertilizer stakes and get to work.

But that's complicated. I'm barely motivated to write regularly to this blog, let alone plan a neolithic-scale monument/prank. I'll post my collection of Chuckie photos in some later post and price out printing at the tshirt shop down the street.

Or maybe we could just hire Richard Dean Anderson for a day.

10:45 PM  
Blogger Waan said...

I had this in mind when referring to "neolithic-scale" ...

9:16 AM  

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