Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Year 2006, Reviewed Via Gas Receipts

I am a gas-receipt packrat. Upon receipt (har!) they are immediately stuffed in to the arm-rest compartments in both Zippy and the wagon. Periodically I have to clean them out when they get in the way of searching my tape collection. That's right, I still listen to tapes. And yes, I'm still bitter about the whole move to CDs, which suck.

Anyway, what better way to sum up the year than to list the towns listed on those receipts? There was some other stuff (started grad school, painted house, got my teeth cleaned for the first time in ten years) but my happiest times were behind the wheel or out in the desert. Zippy saw two or three "Big West" trips while the wagon spent most of its time in Oregon's high desert. There should be more receipts but multiple riders paid for gas and I think I cleaned out the wagon armrest in spring.

Bellingham, Wa. (2 receipts)
Central & eastern Oregon (11): Lakeview, Silver Lake, Burns/Hines, Bend/Sisters, Crescent, Ontario

Orange, Calif. (1)
East Wenatchee, Wa. (1)
I-5 in Oregon (8): Ashland, Canyonville, Roseburg, Cottage Grove, Albany, Woodburn, Aurora

Utah (5): Snowville, Wellington, Carbon, Moab
Willows, Calif. (2)
Alpine, Texas (2)

Deming, N.M. (1)
Newport, Ore. (1)
Cuyumunge, N.M. (1)

Buckeye, Ariz. (1)
Eugene, Ore. (18)

Couple my wanderlust with a short memory and you get me wondering "where the hell is East Wenatchee in Washington and why I was there in May?" Hopefully 2007 is equally varied.


Blogger tortaluga said...

ok, it is not surprising you have all these receipts. but seriously? you have photos of your car in each place?

12:51 PM  

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