Monday, October 24, 2005


Here is a photo of my house and my vehicle collection. A larger version can be found here.

If you look carefully, you'll notice I planted a small dead tree in the front yard. Other upgrades include:
  • chrome rain gutters
  • positive-camber foundation
  • sway bars
  • "Type R" address lettering
  • K&N furnace air filter
  • 4" exhaust vent (gives my dryer that distinctive Honda "bumblebee" sound)
  • carbon fiber doorbell

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The $5250 Blowjob

A few weeks ago I found a great-looking used 1987 Porsche 944 for sale ($5250) in the Bay Area. The weekend I chose to check it out happened to coincide with Johnny visiting to take a class in San Jose and hang out with his cousin in SF. It worked out such that my two friends and I picked him up at the airport at 2 a.m. right as we drove in to town. He set us up at his cousin Beau's apartment in downtown San Francisco. Much merriment was had as we searched for the apartment while John phoned his drunk cousin multiple times for directions.

The next morning the four of us cruised out to Oakland/Hayward to check the car out. We met the seller at Mills College and I hopped into the 944 with the him (who was driving) while Johnny & Co. followed in the wagon. Apparently John kept it floored just to keep us in sight as the Porsche got up to 100 mph on I-805. We putzed around waiting for the 2-hour inspection to get completed ... ate some donuts ... drove around Hayward ... and walked around the U. Cal East Bay campus. The mechanic confirmed the obvious: the car was in great shape and I ended up buying it after wasting everybody's Saturday at a car garage. Afterwards we all cruised back to SF and I took a nap while John and Beau watched Ali G, Joe and Megan walked downtown, and the Blue Angels tore the sky apart in their afternoon practice formations.

That afternoon we picked the 944 up and headed over to a friend of Joe's who lives in Oakland. She took us out for Ethiopian food and gave us a place to crash for that night ... and the next morning we were gone. Everyone agreed that it was a high-yield road trip.

During the return drive Joe asked, "So does this mean you're finally gonna get laid this year?" Thanks man.