Thursday, September 06, 2007

Canadian Rockies

I should be reading about electrostatics right now (recent conversation: "Didn't you fail physics, like, nine times?" What?? No, no ... only three and a half times. It would've been four but luckily I broke my leg.); instead, here are some photos from Labor Day weekend. I cruised up to Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada. The Folks happened to be passing through on their 5-7 week North America survey trip so I met them for breakfast near Lake Louise. It was a good trip.

A pulp mill in BC. No reason to include it really besides the fantastic lighting.

Rain was just clearing in the parks. Photography was kinda pointless since wide-angle lenses do a poor job at capturing the size of this stuff.

Honeymoon Lake in southern Jasper Nat'l Park. I stepped in for a swim only to sink up to my nuts in a bog. Oops.

Some nice Canadians took this photo of me at the top of Sulphur Skyline ridge in Jasper NP. The scenery was fantastic given the relatively short hike. However, the fat chipmunks at the top were incredibly aggressive; they started a waddling sprint toward the sound of any plastic wrapper and actually tried to come up my legs.

Same view as above. Trailhead at Miette Hot Springs in visible towards lower left. The crowd at the springs was pretty ... disgusting. It's good to see America doesn't have a monopoly on fat, loud, stupid tourists.

View in the other direction looking up the Fiddle River; the rocks here are fantastically folded.

Heading back south toward Banff NP after the hike ... this is looking south toward the Columbia Icefield area. Another rain system was moving in and killed hiking for the rest of the day, but the low clouds provided some real perspective on how damned big the landscape is.

You probably live downstream.