Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Update Backlog

I've got a shitload of stuff to update. The most logical place to start is, of course, back in July.


- Purchased house.
- Trip to Rainier with Joe to visit Danae. Skinny dipping with both in the most beautiful place on earth. Camera battery dies.


- Intense, intense, intense sweaty heat at night. Lack of roommates allows to to spend most of the month naked. Hiked Mt. Thielsen and skinned my way to the top of its spire. Forgot camera flashcard of course.


- Four day roadtrip to Banff, Jasper, and Prince George finally punctures my Canadian virginity. Swing by Mt. Baker, Washington on the way back.
- Housebreaking party.
- Nikki and Jaime move in.


Fraser River

Mt Baker


- San Francisco trip to buy 944, see John Peerenkaboom. Poverty ensues. Highlight: helping John patent the I-580 Suicide Maneuver.
- Halloween party ends with everyone dancing at The Only Gay Bar in Eugene.


- Jaime moves out.
- Bob Clayton's office gets tin-foiled, courtesy of Mike Pulley and I.
- Buster visits along with The Harem d'Smarr from Corvallis.
- Thanksgiving spent in California with Joe, Megan, and her family in Chico, Visalia, and Sequoia National Park. Highlight: Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico.

Bobo's office

Buster & Co.

Thanksgiving with Joe & Megan


- Nikki moves out.
- Most Efficient Christmas Trip Back East Ever made in record time.
- New Year's spent with a bunch of sexy, single, drunk women. Matt Waite-esque drought continues.


- Jeff moves in.
- Snowshoeing: better than regular shoeing.