Thursday, December 22, 2005

News From the Front Lines in Germany

Matt Waite:
Yeah I'm doing well here. I have a huge appt and I am in charge of 34 troops. What could be better?! (but I'm so very very alone) Hahaha. Yeah things here are going good. I just got my car last week so I'm pretty excited about being able to drive. I hit the autobahn for the first time the other day. Hit speeds of 95 miles an hour downhill. I went to Prague over thanksgiving. That was a beautiful city filled with women who disapointed me because they wouldn't sleep with me. (wistful ahhh) It actually reminded me a lot of america in that way. I'm right in the middle of Germany sorta. If you look at Prague go due west and you'll run into Schweinfurt. It's also near wuhrzburg. From the alps to here? About 2 hours by train I think. Maybe a bit more. For christmas I'm going to clean my appt and cry and for new years I'm working on staff duty. (Getting the police calls when Joe (enlisted dudes not NCO's) get arrested) So that's my life. Then I go off til about
March doing field problems. Following that, I'm gonna have a block leave in april. So if you were planning a european vacation that would be the time to go. I suppose that's about it from here now. I'm starting to learn my job which is always a good thing. I'm gonna miss you guys for new years. Hey tell all of those assholes to email me cause I can only get online when I go to the library and I can't get IM on a gov't computer. So basically they are all cut off. Anyways I gotta get going. Take it easy or take it sleazy.
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