Friday, July 13, 2007

Innocent Escapism

Webcams are rad. Wait ... scenic webcams are rad. I mean I'm sure they're used for other purposes, but I know nothing about any inappropriate things that people may or may not do in front of webcams. For paying customers. All of whom are probably upstanding citizens. So, uh ... well anyway.

Florence, Oregon - watch winter storms roll in or check for summer fog before heading out.
Yosemite - always a classic but best in winter. I watched a guy build a snowman one morning.
Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, Washington - one of my favorite parts of the Olympic Peninsula.
Mount St. Helens, Washington - cool to view when the dome is having a growth spurt or summer winds are kicking up the ash.
Stanley, Idaho - great view of the Sawtooths. Best in winter. Only a few hours from Missoula.
Banff, Alberta - best one of them all. Click the image for a full-size view. Great on clear winter days.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Montana Banana

I read somewhere that Missoula is located in the "Banana Belt" of Montana. This means that while the rest of the state is reliving the Donner Party experience in the midst of -30 to -45 degree arctic blasts, Missoula is basking in a balmy -20 degree heat wave.

Summer, however ...

One foot is stuck here in Eugene and the other is already firmly planted in Missoula (blessing the Tri-Cities of eastern Washington with a skyward panorama like that beneath the Colossus of Rhodes). With most of my belongings already in Missoula, and only eight days left of furious training for my replacement at work, the only minor item left is selling the house. Piece o' cake. Right? Right?? C'mon, it's on Friendly St.

On that note, I'm off to sleep on the floor.