Friday, February 13, 2009

The Greater, Whiter North

It's cold in Canada. Especially in winter. So I decided to go to Edmonton for New Year's. And yes, I know it's February already.
That's pretty much what the whole country looks like. It was very odd to drive through all this and imagine how much warmer North Dakota must be.

What I like best about Canada--besides the scenery--is that it's full of honest-to-god Canadians.
Look! Freaking Canadians. Doing Canadian stuff. With Canadian accents. Speed limits? Yeah, those are in kilometers per hour. I imagine Canada's birth started with asexual reproduction of America followed by passage through a whirling vortex of hockey, metric units, Tim Horton's shops, ice age weather, and Manhunter.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors, I didn't take many photos. Without proof, you'll have to take my word that I did all of the following: made an involuntary, um ... coprolite precursor in the snow at -15F; nearly got my clock cleaned by some guy (honestly, I didn't know she was married); saw the world's largest baseball bat, cowboy boot, and indoor mall (complete with several rollercoasters, shooting range, pirate ship, dolphins, seals, and a waterpark with a wave pool); drank expensive Canadian beer using bizarro Canadian money; watched Hockey Night in Canada; and actually walked around in -25F weather during the DAY. Even the hardy Canadians were complaining how cold it was, though they still made fun of me for dressing like the Michelin Man. They also were confused that my car didn't have an engine block heater--'cause c'mon, don't they all? (Jiggles still starts up at -22F fortunately.)

Anyway, God bless 'em. They're nice people.